Multisender/Airdrop tool

Airdrop RUNES to your community & friends using META's Airdrop tool 🪂

META has launched a Runes Multisender / Airdrop tool to streamline token distribution. To fully grasp how this tool functions, it's crucial to first comprehend the mechanics of Runes UTXOs and UTXO splitting.UTXOs (Unspent Transaction Outputs) are the fundamental units in the Runes protocol, representing specific amounts of tokens associated with particular addresses. Over time, wallets can accumulate numerous small UTXOs due to repeated transactions, a phenomenon known as UTXO fragmentation.UTXO splitting is the process of consolidating these small UTXOs into fewer, larger ones. This optimization technique offers several benefits:

  • Enables concurrent mints or transactions without waiting for previous ones to complete

  • Provides flexibility in selecting appropriately sized UTXOs for future transactions to minimize fees

  • Enhances privacy by avoiding linking all UTXOs together in a single transaction

META's Runes Multisender / Airdrop tool leverages the UTXO model and splitting capabilities to streamline token distribution. By understanding the underlying UTXO mechanics, users can effectively utilize this tool to manage their Runes tokens and conduct airdrops efficiently.

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