Introducing META Airdrop campaign :

1,000,000 $META has been assigned for the highest-ranking 1,000 participants of the META Zealy campaign.

Simply Join our Zealy Community and Stay at the top by completing quests daily!

Other requiremetns :

  • Valid Bitcoin / Runes wallet address

  • Real-looking Twitter/X Profile

  • Socially active on Airdrop day

Airdrop distribution :

1,000,000 $META will be airdropped to the top 1,000 participants, with each receiving 1,000 $META, on May 2024 ( block 841,000 ).

End date : June 2024

Airdrop list :

Every airdrop we initiate will be entirely equitable and will not mandate connecting wallets, minting, paying network fees, or being an investor in $META. The airdrop will be directly delivered to users' wallets.

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